Cauldron Wine Kit

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We know that not everyone drinks the beer. We are compassionate and caring for all our members. We give you the Cauldron wine kit. Each item has been tested and refined by our Cauldron Drinking Team. Everything here meets the highest standards of even the most discerning of our members. 

What do you get?

First, traveling with wine bottles can be a dangerous affair. We make sure your grape juice is protected with an insulated bottle that holds and an entire bottle of Champagne. Screw lid to prevent spillage and stylish to show your love for the game. 

Follow that with an amazing Summit Insulated Wine Tumbler. Many were tested and did not meet our standards. This beauty won. Gloss white with a laser etched logo, it will not let you down. 

We finish the package off with a stainless wine service and beautiful stopper with an imprinted leather head featuring the Cauldron logo. 

You need this in your life. Don't even act as if you don't.

Limited quantity. Do not miss your shot.